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There’s so much momentum to elect Democrats up and down the ballot in November. There are doors to knock, calls to make, texts to send, candidates to support, and campaigns to win!


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Even more ways to elect Democrats up and down the ballot


Team Blue is a volunteer recruitment and matchmaking program for Democrats and their campaigns. We want to make it easier for you to find a volunteer opportunity for a local race or to identify a campaign where you could spend a few weeks (or even months!) volunteering full-time during the final stretch. Check out opportunities to volunteer now, full-time with a campaign, and more.


Anytime, Anywhere

Have a few hours to make calls? Or some spare time this weekend to knock doors? Enter your ZIP code to find a volunteer opportunity near you, right now. Sign up for a shift and help Democrats up and down the ballot.

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Can you volunteer full-time? Are you a former campaign staffer or have relevant experience? Are you ready to travel to help a targeted campaign? For a few weeks or a few months? Are you a lawyer ready to support voter protection efforts? Tell us more about your availability and your experience, and we can connect you with the campaigns that need it most.

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Even more ways to get involved in the midterms!

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Do you have a network or community to recruit for Team Blue? Sign up here and help us recruit more team members. If you’ve got a big network, we need you to be a captain and spread the word.

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We need everyone for those final days. Sign up now for The Last Weekend, an initiative led by a coalition of more than 40 grassroots progressive organizations, organized by Swing Left, that we are excited to support. We'll be counting on you to help with that final push.

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Also, it’s not too late if you’re looking for a paid position on a campaign. They are ramping up and hiring.

If you’re looking for a full-time job, submit your resume to the talent bank.

Team Blue is powered by people like you and our partner organizations.